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CellOptik enclosure

This enclosure is suitable for all of the CellOptik range but it is not suitable for the Cyclops range.
The IP44 rated box has a pre-drilled hole tilted slightly upwards to locate the photocell and is avaliable with one IP68 gland and a 4 way 10 amp terminal block
The rear housing has pre-positioned hole outlines for mounting the glands and these should be drilled using a 20mm dirll.

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£2.99 +pp

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Option 2

Option 3

Enclosure with 2x glands
ThIs version has 2 x IP 68 glands and 1 x 4 way terminal block.
Enclosure with 2x glands
ThIs version has 1 x IP 68 gland only ( no terminal block).

£2.50 +pp

£3.20 +pp