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CellOptik 6vdc

The Standard CellOptik 6vdc switch, switches  on when night fall. and remains on until it gets light..
It has a 5 second delay.
(Dusk to dawn photocell)

£18.65 +pp

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Option 4

CellOptik 6vdc-OWL
ThIs version switches on when light and switches off when dark (dawn to dusk photocell)
CellOptk 6vdc-CO
This version is the change-over and has two outputs, one is on during the night the other is on during day.

CellOptik 6vdc-Lux
This version has a spindle which can adjust the switching lux level point
(dusk to dawn photocell)

£22.42 +pp

£20.88 +pp

£26.60 +pp

Option 5

Option 6

CellOptik 6vdc-Eco
This version Is designed to switch on when dark then switch off at a factory preset time.
(dusk to time photocell)
CellOptik 6vdc-EcoAT
Designed to switch on when dark then switch off at an adjustable time. between 10:pm and 2:20am then remain off for a chosen time (dusk to adjustable time photocell)

£25.90 +pp

£28.60 +pp