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CellOptik 12vdc

CellOptik 12vdc

The Standard CellOptik 12vdc photocell switches  on at approx dusk and remains on until dawn. It can switch all types of loads up to 5 amps including LEDs
It is programmed to take light readings every 5 seconds. Simple 3 wire connection with a positive switched output.

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£18.39 +pp

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CellOptik 12vdc-OWL
Switches on when light, dawn and switches off when dark, dusk
CellOptk 12vdc-CO
The change-over has two outputs, one is on during the night the other is on during day.

CellOptik 12vdc-Lux
Has a spindle which can adjust the switching lux level point and is the dusk to dawn version.

£20.88 +pp

£22.42 +pp

£26.60 +pp

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Option 7

CellOptik 12vdc-Eco
Designed to switch on when dark , dusk then switch off at a pre chosen time and renmain off for a pre chosen time.
CellOptik 12vdc-EcoAT
Designed to switch on when dark then switch off at an adjustable time. between 10:pm and 2:20am then remain off for a chosen time
CellOptik 12vdc-UVP
A standard dusk to dawn switch photocell with the addition of Under-Volt-Protection to avoid over draining batteries

£25.90 +pp

£28.60 +pp

£26.60 +pp